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An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution in Melbourne & Around Australia


Whether it's a club, school, office, home or elsewhere, cleanliness is important. But just because you want your space to look clean and be free from germs, that doesn't mean harsh chemicals need to be used. When you come to us as your cleaning contractors in Melbourne or anywhere else across Australia, whether it's a once-off or regular occurrence, feel better knowing we at LCS provide the option of using bio natural products in the process.  

We work tirelessly to provide all of our clients with outstanding results while utilising only the most environmentally friendly methods to do so, drastically reducing the effects on Mother Nature. 


Lanees chooses to use Bio- natural solution...

Bio-natural solutions range of revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning products is based on Bio-Bacterial technology. This technology consists of billions of friendly bacteria for bio cleaner that target and digest organic matter, eliminating the source of cleaning problems rather than masking them. This process guarantees a natural way to treat common cleaning problems with no need for harsh chemical cleaners, making cleaning practices simpler and greener. Simply put, it is the power of Mother Nature doing the job for you!