Factory Cleaning in Melbourne

Do you need a professional factory cleaning solution for your factory? So, call Lanees Cleaning Service today on 0408 373 049 for our thorough factory cleaning service in Melbourne. To begin with the factory cleaning, we are providing general and customized factory cleaning solutions for your requirements. So, we have professionals who have the experience of machinery cleaning, tank cleaning, and industrial floor cleaning. In addition, Lanees cleaning service provides confined space cleaning, exterior building cleaning, and roof deck cleaning and also hard-surface cleaning. Considering the factory cleaning, it is imperative when cleaning that the correct products and equipment are used. If we use the wrong products and equipment can cause; severe damage to the surface material of the factory as well as to the users.

Lanees cleaning team

Furthermore, services such as car park cleaning and sweeping are another type of service we provide to our clients. Not only that we also do the high-pressure water cleaning and pressure steam cleaning. Unlike many industrial or factory cleaning companies, our Lanees cleaning team will liaise with your engineers, leaders, and management. Also, we will liaise as well as health and safety and environmental management. We do this in order to provide a full detailed risk assessment, SWMS, pre-ops forms, scope of work and arrange for any permits in line with local/state regulations and your companies’ policies and requirements. This allows us to build a deep understanding of your needs and helps us deliver the best possible solutions to meet and exceed your leaning expectations.

Moreover, Lanees cleaning company is working on the areas such as hotel cleaning, pub cleaning, club cleaning, gymnasiums cleaning and golf club cleaning. In addition, we provide a professional service for the lifestyle villages in Melbourne.

So, don’t gamble with the dirt you can’t handle. Call us to request a free quote on 0408 373 049.