Medical Centres

With the continued growth of Flus, Gastro, bacteria and virus infections, A healthy clean environment is a must for medical centres.

Lanees Cleaning understands the importance of keeping patients and staff happy and germ free.

Only a thorough clean using hospital grade disinfectants will do to help prevent the spread of disease.

All  Staff understands the importance of Privacy and confidentiality whilst working in medical surrounds.

Office Cleaning

The Trusted Commercial Office Cleaning  Melbourne 


Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne is one of the biggest contributing factors. When it comes to fostering a positive and healthy work environment. Not only is it important for employees to feel comfortable and happy in their workplace, but it also ensures any clients who visit your  Commercial office Melbourne view you as a professional service that takes itself seriously. The image you project to your prospective clients speaks volumes about your workplace and if it is dirty and messy, then this is going to leave the kind of negative impression you want to avoid.

At Lanee’s, we appreciate the fact that your business is constantly running and it’s vital to keep your operations profitable whilst maintaining an environment of cleanliness. This is why we aim to maintain our unparalleled work ethic and high-quality services, whilst keeping our prices competitive and affordable. We understand the office can be a rather hectic environment at times and can cater our services to meet your needs around your business hours to ensure no interference occurs.

Scalable Cleaning Services To Accommodate Commercial  Office Melbourne And Office Cleaning Melbourne Both Big And Small


We provide Commercial Cleaning  Service Melbourne. Regardless of whether you’ve converted your garage into a home office, or you own an entire floor in one of Melbourne‘s high-rises, we can tackle any job no matter the size. While we have the industry expertise and quality products to meet the needs of large commercial brands, we also have a dedicated team to offer a boutique, personalized service catered to your needs.

Sporting Clubs

 Professional Club And Complex Cleaning Melbourne 


Managing a Club is complex and already comes with a host of responsibilities and duties. You want your Patrons to enjoy a clean and well maintained sports/entertainment complex. Let Lanees Cleaning Services become part of your team and take that burden off your shoulders with a professional cleaning service.

School And  Sports Complex Cleaning Melbourne


We understand that no two Sporting Complexes are alike.  Regardless of your Club size, Lanees Cleaning Services have experience in assisting a variety of different clients both big and small. Whether you have a regular clean or a one-off large community event, Lanees  Cleaning is more than happy to put together a package that is designed to suit your individual needs.

Floor Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Steam Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Cob web removal, Car park cleaning

Lanees Cleaning specialises in Golf Club / Course cleaning and large Sporting Venues






Industrial, Factory, Warehouse cleaning all areas in Melbourne tailored specifically to your site


Cleaning of Industrial,  Factory, Manufacturing warehouses in all areas of Melbourne, and are not always straightforward. There are many aspects to take into consideration.

Lanees Cleaning Services like to take the time to come out and meet with you at your site, so we can introduce ourselves and get a clear understanding of what your cleaning needs are. Once we have established this, we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Understanding your industrial Cleaning needs:


We understand all, Factory , Manufacturing and Industrial Warehouse Cleaning, sites are different:

• How big or small
• How complex or simple
• Location
• The timing of the cleaning
• Privacy and security
• You may only need a one-off clean or a periodic clean
• You may require a supply of consumables/washroom supplies
• Supply of equipment and chemicals

A once-off clean could entail, a full detailed clean, a window cleaner, an office clean, high-pressure cleaning, toilet cleaning, to a small amount of dusting. It could be once a week or a more in-depth clean monthly, quarterly or yearly.

We ensure your specific needs are taken into consideration and are fully understood by our team, to tailor a solution in providing you with the best result possible. Rest assured that Lanee’s cleaning specialists will utilise their services to best match your circumstances and meet your needs.

While we specialise in commercial cleaning services, our team of qualified cleaners also provide:

• Car park cleaning

• Window cleaning

• Steam cleaning

• Pressure cleaning

For a free quotation please call on  03 9764 9582

Lifestyle Villages

Efficient Retirement Village Cleaning  Melbourne


There is nothing more important than clean facilities, especially when you are opening your doors to a wide range of  Village Cleaning Melbourne. In shared areas, it’s especially vital that things be kept clean and tidy, to both make residents feel more comfortable and to decrease the spread of harmful diseases.

At LCS, we understand that running a Retirement Village  Melbourne is a demanding responsibility and it can be difficult ensuring everything gets done on time. We know there is a lot to consider, so why not take one thing off your plate and entrust the cleaning to those who know best.

Outsourcing your cleaning means more time attending to what you do best and ensuring the residents are cared for as much as possible. Our competitive prices mean our comprehensive services are budget-friendly and accessible to retirement villages both big and small.

With years of experience, we ensure we work efficiently and smoothly to attend to the whole area as quickly as possible. No matter if your retirement home spans over multiple buildings or is more compact, we’re able to handle everything with our trademark deftness and attention to detail.

Our packages are entirely flexible, depending on what your retirement village needs as no residence is unique, we’ll take stock of the job at hand before devising a considered plan.


Hotel, Pub, And Club Cleaning Melbourne

Lanees Cleaning Services  surrounds itself with highly competent staff that deliver  a quality cleaning services.     We understand Pub and Club cleaning can often be disruptive to your guests which is why we take pride in offering flexible cleaning packages and services that fit in with your Organisations needs, at competitive rates.

Our Premium Pub And Club Cleaning Service Melbourne 


The Hospitality Cleaning Service Industry is dependent on repeat business and regular clientele. Little things like customer service, courtesy and cleanliness go a long way when it comes to cementing a solid foundation of clients. If your rooms are untidy, or generally unclean, then this will reflect negatively on your business.  Lanees Cleaning  Pub And Club Cleaning specialist service, have the experience necessary to keep your establishment on top of its Game.