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Owning a pub or hotel is undoubtedly a lot of hard work, which is why recruiting a professional cleaning service will save you precious time. We understand how busy your day-to-day schedule can be, and work autonomously to ensure your venue is in pristine condition, at all times. We have extensive experience working with numerous pubs and hotels throughout Melbourne, making our cleaners a first choice for owners, managers and other commercial clients in the hospitality industry.

We boast the highly trained staff and industry quality equipment of an established brand, but the personalised and dedicated touch of a bespoke service, giving you the best of both worlds ‘ at an affordable price. We also take pride in our flexibility when it comes to organising our cleaning packages and service hours. Cleaning can often be disruptive to your guests during business hours which is why we’re often prepared to visit you after hours.

Regular pub cleaning on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis

We can be as involved as you’d like, with the resources to visit your establishment every day, or every second week ‘ whatever you’d prefer. Pubs can require a lot of work, especially during peak periods, which is where our first-rate services will save you the headache of taking care of it yourself.

Our premium hotel cleaning ensures your guests comes back for more

The hospitality industry is dependent on repeat business and regular clientele, especially when it comes to running a hotel. Little things like customer service, courtesy and cleanliness go a long way when it comes to cementing a solid foundation of clients. If your rooms are untidy, or generally unclean, then this will reflect negatively on your business. Our hotel cleaning specialist services have the experience and the high-quality products necessary to keep your establishment in tip-top shape.


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We would be more than happy to discuss exactly what it is your particular site requires, whether in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, and work together to create a personalised cleaning package just for you.