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Efficient Retirement Village Cleaning in Melbourne

There is nothing more important than clean facilities, especially when you are opening your doors to a wide range of residents. In shared areas, it’s especially vital that things be kept clean and tidy, both to make residents feel entirely more comfortable and to decrease the spread of harmful disease.

At LCS, we understand that running a retirement village is a demanding responsibility and it can often fall to you to ensure everything gets done on time. There’s a lot to consider ‘ why not take one thing off your plate and entrust the cleaning to those who know best.

Outsourcing your cleaning means more time attending to what you do best and ensuring the residents are cared for as much as possible. Our competitive prices mean our comprehensive services are budget-friendly ‘ we want to ensure everyone is able to access retirement home cleaning when they need it most.

Having years of experience, we’re able to make light work of your whole retirement village, working efficiently and smoothly to attend to the whole area. No matter if your retirement home spans over multiple building or is more compact, we’re able to handle everything with our trademark deftness and attention to detail. Our packages are entirely flexible, depending on what your retirement village needs ‘ as no residence is unique, we’ll take stock of the job at hand before devising a considered plan.

In fact, we have many years of experience in the business and have developed processes and habits that get any job done as quickly as possible.


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