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When it comes to fostering a positive and healthy work environment, cleanliness is among one of the biggest contributing factors. Not only is it important for employees to feel comfortable and happy in their workplace, but it also ensures any clients who visit your office view you as a professional service that takes itself serious. The image you project to your prospective clients speaks volumes about what you’re like as a business and if your workplace is dirty and messy, then this is going to leave the kind of negative impression you want to avoid.

We appreciate the fact that you’re still a business at the end of the day and it’s vital to keep your operations profitable whilst maintaining an environment of cleanliness. This is why we aim to maintain our unparalleled work ethic and high quality services, whilst keeping our prices competitive and affordable. When you choose Lanee’s Cleaning Services, you are choosing a trusted leader in the industry with over 25 years’ experience under its belt.

Scalable cleaning services to accommodate offices both big and small

Regardless of whether you’ve converted your garage into a home office, or you own an entire floor in one of Melbourne’s high-rises, we can tackle any job no matter the size. While we have the industry expertise and quality products to meet the needs of large commercial brands, we also have the dedicated team to offer a boutique, personalised service.


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